After-School Programmes

Learning doesn't have to stop after the bell rings! Mad Science after-school programmes are both educational and fun. Our hands-on, one-hour, 10-week science programmes are themed around a particular area of science and include such topics as electricity, magnetism, optics, biology, and many more.

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All About Our After-School Programmes

The After-School Experience

Each of our classes includes an assortment of science experiments and activities that will challenge each student and allow them to channel their inner scientist!

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Educational Science-Themed Take-Homes

At the end of each class, students get to take home their very own Mad Science educational science-themed item or experiment card that directly reflects what they learned that day.

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How long are your programmes (weeks and hours)?

Our standard programme is held 10 minutes after school for 1 hour and typically lasts for 10 or 6 weeks. We will be happy to discuss any scheduling needs.


Who pays for an after-school programme?

Typically, after-school programmes are paid for by parents. Schools can also pay for pupil premium children.


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